993 Arapahoe

993 Arapahoe is Aide’s own home.  It’s the first one we’re building, and we’ll learn from our mistakes on this one and do even better for our customers.

Construction first 2 weeks.

993 Arapahoe is Aide’s own home. The kids can’t wait.

It rained after our excavation and the ground under the footing formwork felt a little soft. If you pour a foundation on that, it’ll cause differential settlement. Even though we were excited to get it poured, we paused everything, asked the crew to compact the soil, and ordered several rounds of compaction testing from CTL Thompson.

Jose from CTL Thompson tested our concrete for us.  Gotta make sure it’s right.

Everyone is working hard to smooth out that concrete.

Construction week 3 & 4

Drone progress photo! Wall formwork and rebar is complete and inspected by the engineer.

Meanwhile, our core house is complete and awaiting delivery to our staging area.

Construction week 5 & 6

Our first module being delivered!

Finishing the roof trusses on a module while it’s safely on the ground. One of the many benefits of modular construction.

Meanwhile, still prepping the foundation. Exterior insulated walls with 4 inches of foam. That’s going to be a warm basement.

Roughing in basement plumbing.

Construction week 7 & 8

This was a very busy day. Framing a window wall in the basement, while grading, while pouring the garage slab and post pads, and prepping the basement for slab pour.

Finishing a slab. So satisfying.

Setting steel posts and beams.

What it looks like so far

Entry with ample storage.

Living Room. Trim is done except for odds and ends and floor, which will be local hardwood.

Kitchen and stairwell with lightwell. You can see the joint between modules here.

Master Bath. All plumbing fixtures are already installed. So is lighting and ductwork. Drywall is painted and just needs a little patching.