Unlike a large builder, or a separate architect + contractor team, our small scale process helps ensure that important details are not missed. All our projects are personally shepherded by Aide Fitch from design all the way through construction. Aide is a licensed Colorado Architect, licensed General Contractor, LEED Accredited Professional, and Certified Passive House Designer. Aide holds a dual Masters Degree in Architectural Research and Structural Engineering, and she was previously a certified professional firefighter. Her entire career has been in green building. Read more about Aide here.

A message from Aide: “I lost my home in the Marshall Fire. I rebuilt it as the pilot project for Harper Lake Homebuilders, and am trying to help as many neighbors as I can to bring our special community back. My brother Karl is a source of vast construction wisdom and moral support. It was amazing to have him there with us when our first house module got delivered.”

We have a very experienced and hardworking framing crew to build on site. Through our first projects we have tried out many subcontractors and engineers, and solidified a reliable team for any scale of home project, from a minor renovation or addition to a hybrid factory-built or a completely on site traditional stick-built home.

Northstar Systembuilt is the factory we’re working with to produce modules for our hybrid factory-built/site-built homes. Their main factory is located in Western Minnesota. (Not to be confused with Northstar, the distributor in Loveland, Colorado.) Northstar Systembuilt produces the highest quality house modules in our region, and their factory operation is highly professional. Read more about Northstar Systembuilt here.